Manufacturers using Tentlabs modules
- Vacuumstate SACD upgrades
- KandKaudio DA using XO-DAC
- Audio Magic modifications
- Ancient Audio

Projects using Tentlabs modules
- John Swenson describes the reclocking of a Slimdevices SB3
- Ergo Eskens' clock upgrade of Behringer DCX2496, using XO2/5 module
- Carl-Werner Oehlrich upgrades Pioneer DV-575A, -578A, -585A -588A and -696AV using XO-24.576
- Interesting DVD upgrades

Online reviews
- testing XO3 module (in Dutch)

Various hobbyists using Tentlabs modules
- Dutch triode expert Triode Dick has many inspiring projects on his site
- Rob Hubertse has many exciting projects on his site

Various Interesting projects and sites
- Great Nixie clock (fully tubed)
Steam powered turntable !
- An enormous collection of schematics, both audio and measurement equipment
- A wealth of Marantz CD player schematics (and he likes the shunts !)
- Gaining insight in biasing triodes; read this article by John Broskie
- A wealth of information about audio circuits and Spice modeling
- RCA promotional movie on the manufacturing of tubes
- Techtubevalves shares a neat movie on how Mullard valves where made !
- Steve Bench shares many interesting tube related topics
- Pats' lab showes some intersting circuits on power supplies, clocks and more
- Pete Millet has a wealth of tube related books scanned online - obliged stuff for every tube amp builder
- A great collection of Philips and Marantz service and user manuals, and other useful info
- Turntable
- Great subwoofer !
- The making of a triode
- More triodes made: chappeau !
- Wim de Haan shows a neat variety of amp designs on his site - very inspiring
- Interesting measurements and backgrounds on power supply noise and jitter
- Eugene Karpov has many inspiring tube related articles on his site: sink into the world of slow and bulky devices.

Various interesting articles
- Bruno Putzeys wrote an excellent article on class D amplifiers and feedback
- He also wrote about feedback must read !
- Dick Pierce about speaker damping factors
- Pete Millet has a neat circuit available to prove Dicks' theory

Handy to have at hand
- Wire diameters (AWG & mm) and current capacities
- Easy to use software to create new scales for panel meters
- A great overview of CD players, their DACs and most interesting the drives used !

- Philips Compact Disc promotional (1984, it took us a while to make things really better)

Friends & related companies
- my good friend Arend-Jan died in a car crash, end of 2015, his websiite restoring Quad ESL57 is still online, we will miss you AJ
- A splendid delicacy store close to our lab selling traditional spanish food
- They started an excellent restaurant too
- This restaurant is a great place too if you are in Eindhoven
- And these guys know how to cook as well
- Ward and Yves started their transformer business - congratulations guys !
- Many many thanks go to Marc Heijligers, who helped me on my way with building my own website. Among other subjects, his own site describes the design of a very good sounding speaker system
- Laura Visser designs all graphics, house styles and advertisments
- Jos van Eijndhoven adds clever solutions in some of the Tentlabs products
- Keesjan Goorissen designs and builds wonderful prototype cabinets, and puts them into production
- Eelco Grimm makes beautiful recordings
- Peter van Willenswaard designs and builds wonderful sounding tube equipment (Dutch only)
- Grimmaudio is the other company that I am involved with
- Artspeak manufactures great speakers and modifies various equipment (Dutch only)
- My nephew Michiel and his wife Natasa run a splendid bed & breakfast in France