CD player modifications


CD players are prone to upgrading and modifications, due to the act that in some areas design errors and compromises are made
- clock
- analogue output stage
- power supply


TentLabs has more than 15 years of experience with designing, building and modifying CD players. Brands that we worked with:

• Accuphase
• Akai
• Arcam
• Aristona
• Audio Innovations
• Audio Note
• Audio Research
• Bang & Olufsen
• Bow Technologies
• Cambridge
• Copland
• Denon
• Harman Kardon
• Jadis
• Kenwood
• Krell
• Linn
• Marantz
• Meridian
• Micromega
• Naim
• Nakamichi
• JoLida
• Philips
• Pioneer
• Proceed
• Rotel
• Sony
• Wadia
• Yamaha

We apply our own dedicated designed clock, wherever feasible we implement our low noise shunt regulators to improve the power supply. We change rectifier diodes in the power supply to our beloved Schottky barer diodes and change operational amplifiers in the analogue output stage to modern, better sounding alternatives. Time for some upgrades!


Please contact me at for a dedicated approach for the upgrade of your CD player.