Oct 2006
Audioforum Belgium organises lecture with Tentlabs
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Guido will tell about the company and about modifying equipment. Additionally 2 NAD CD players will be compared, one standard stock version, and one modified by Tentlabs. Read the report here (in Dutch only). Some quotes:
" A difference described as day and night would still be an understatement " (comparing a standard and a modified NAD542).
" music, detail, something seldom experienced " (listening to the new Tentlabs CDplayer kit)
XO stock situation
As we where forced to change to another manufacturer of our dedicated design XO's, the current stock situation isn't as good as it should be. 11.2896, 16.9344, 12.000 and 27.000 are not available currently. We expect this to be solved around January 15.