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Jitter at the digital to analogue conversion affects the amplitude of the regenerated signal. Timing errors therefore yield distortion with respect to the original analogue waveshape.


This VCXO is the heart of the well known XO-DAC clock upgrades and available as a separate module to design or upgrade your own PLL circuits.


VCXO is a canned module, and contains a dedicated, tunable oscillator. It needs a clean 5V-power supply, and puts out a neat, low jitter clock signal. Its' control input slight affects the frequency by +/-100ppm when controlled between 0.5V and 4.5V.


This part requires experience and design skills and is therefor made available for the experienced DIY as well as OEM customers. It is also very well suitable to upgrade existing VCXO's.

We include an additional RF choke ("bead"). This will prevent radio interference, and should be used in combination with a decoupling capacitor closely positioned to the XO module.

Using the supplied DIL14 socket as well will allow you to solder the circuit together without soldering in the VCXO itself. Before doing so, check the output voltage between pins 7 and 14 at the socket, better to be safe than sorry......


• Pin 14: Supply input: 5 Vdc (max 5,5V), consumption 15mA to 30mA typical (depends on output load)
• Pin 8: Clock output: Specified frequency, +/- 100ppm
• Output jitter: potentially < 3ps rms, 3-sigma
• Pin 7: Ground
• Pin 1: Control input: 0,5 to 4,5V affects the frequency by -/+ 100ppm
• Clock outputs: 1, can drive 3 HCmos gates. A series resistor of 22 to 47 ohm close by the VCXO is advised

• DIL-14 compatible package.
• 24 x 11 x 8 mm

Available frequencies

Available from stock are:
• 11.2896 MHz
• 12.288 MHz
• 16.9344 MHz
• 24.576 MHz


Each VCXO comes with DIL14 socket and bead, is fully tested and caries a 5-year full warrantee assumed applied according specifications.

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As this is a true DIY product, so no additional support can be given, other than already available at the TENTlabs website.