We keep having good response from our DAC web site and therefor maintain stock of hard to get components to build your own DAC. TentLabs does not offer a complete component set for a complete DAC kit.

For sale

Pre production model of cabinet, not finished, no front panel but fits perfectly for this DAC. Can go for 30 euro.


One of our customers, Peter Beyer, has built many of these DACs. Inspired by the Non Over Sampling principle, he has developed a Plugin for the original digital filter. Read all about it here.


The components can be bought as a set (special price of €250), or separately in case you already have some of these components yourself. For extensions to this DAC design, have a look to the DAC upgrade pages.

Digital PCB

A 4-layer, silver immersion finish PCB. One needed. €63.02 (€75.00)

Low voltage supply PCB

A single-layer PCB. One needed. €21.00 (€25.00)


An 11.28960 MHz VCXO for DAC design. See the VCXO product page for more info. One needed. €32.77 (€39.00)

Filter chokes

1mH filter chokes for analogue filtering. Two are needed. Sold out. These chokes where selected for sonical qualities, though their brand has never been revealed as they where bought from surplus - too bad. Now select your own, and yes, you are free to suggest new brands !

PCM 63-K

Highest-grade DA convertor chips. We have new stock PCM63, but these are a bit more expensive: €41.18 (€49.00). We may start development of a better plugin soon, if we run out of PCM63 again:

PCM 63-plugin

Two are needed. €32.77 (€ 39.00). The plugin is fully form, fit & function compatible, using the PCM1704-J and Oscon caps for decoupling. Currently not available !!

Film caps

4.7uF film caps, 15mm pitch, for the PLL filter. Two are needed. €2.10 (€2.50)

Digital filter, Tentlabs plugin

As the Nippon SM5842 digital filter is hard to obtain, and very expensive, I have developed a drop in replacement. One needed. €41.18 (€49)

Digital filter 5842

Currently (April 2007) out of stock: the original SM5842APT filters.(where €41.18 (€49))

Other components

For other non-straightforward to obtain components, I would advice the following:
• CS8412 Input receiver: Buy CS8414 (SMD equivalent) and fit it to a Brown Dog Adaptor
• For beads, I advice to use the BLM31AJ601SN1 from MURATA.
• Remaining DAC components can easily be provided by any local supplier, therefore TentLabs cannot offer them at a competitive price level.
• TentLabs does not offer a complete component set for a complete DAC kit.

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