Hybrid power !

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new test on-line, download here from Vi-fi magazine (Dutch only)
" it is a mighty concept, loads of potential, above average in terms of build and component quality "

" with a price tag of 2900 euro, this amplifier is a high-end bargain "
" it's got spirit, power, resolution and flawless stereo imaging "
" this is playback at top level "
" clean and organic, touchable and natural "

Rene van Es reviewed the Hybrid amplifier, read more here

" very clean backgrounds " " excellent staging " relaxed playback without dullness "

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Recommended by Dutch leading hifi magazine HVT - read the test here

Mounting manual now available for download

We are now able to supply this great new kit. A hybrid amplifier with looks and famous sound quality in line with our DIY CD player, will become our new kit and soundwise it is a killer ! Designed in conjunction with Peter van Willenswaard, transformer coupled low distortion tube stages will drive the switching back-ends of the world famous Hypex UCD amplifiers. Novel power supplies and a transparent sounding remote controlled attenuator complete this new product. Output power 2*230 W into 4 ohm. Retail price 2436,97 euro (kit, excl. VAT).

"Quiet background, more details, incredible specs "


The kit comes with al the electronic modules fully stuffed and tested. Everyone is able to assemble this kit, assumed one works with patience and follows the manual. On request, we can also build this great amplifier at specal order

General Description

With more than 200 watts each channel, current capability up to 20A, a remote controlled volume and 4 line inputs this amplifier will meet all requirements a modern loudspeaker needs today. Low efficiency ? Magnetostatic or Electrostatic ? No problem !

Technical description

The heart of the kit is a novel triode line driver, utilizing ultra high bandwidth (500kHz) coupling transformers to drive the modified Hypex UCD power amplifers. The high bandwdth is a result of the wish for low distortion (hence low input capacitance) and enhances the playback of details.

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The well know Tentlabs volume control is used as input / volume module. Remote operation is an interesting feature

2 pieces of Hypex UCD400HG are used. We remove the opamps. The loss of gain is compensated by the valve driver

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Special design Amplimo power transformers are used, 300VA each channel. Their voltage / current ratio has been optimised towards improving the drive of "difficult" loudspeakers, that require extremely high currents
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Inputs 4 (line level)
• Outputs 2 (stereo), > 2ohm load
Output power max 230 watt each channel (4 ohm load)
• Power supply 300VA power transformer (each channel)
Mains voltage 115V or 230V (selectable)
• Remote control Optional


• Dimensions 473*370*95 (W*D*H)
• Weight 18 kg

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Prices and availability

The price is €2436,97 ex VAT ex shipping (€2900,- including VAT ex shipping). This amplfier is also availble fully built at a price of €2857,14 ex VAT ex shipping (€3400,- including VAT ex shipping)


Download the assembly manual here


This module are warranted assumed all mounting instructions are followed :
• Tentlabs modules 5 years
• Hypex modules 1 year
• Valves 6 months

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