b-AMPsi mkl
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Read the excellent test here (German)

" Whoever has something against switching amplifiers, should please his ears here "

b-AMPsi is an integrated amplifier that matches b-DAC in both elegant and compact cabinet design as well as performance. Don't be surprised when b-AMPsi effortlessly drives most difficult loudspeakers.

• Stereo integrated amplifier
• Fully differential input circuitry, including volume control
• Modified Hypex UCD power amplifiers
• Flat, fully sload independant frequency response
- Low output impedance, drives 2 ohm speakers with ease
- Very low, frequency independant, thd
- Very low noise
• Hypex "for audio" switched mode power supply
Stylish, high quality cabinet includes milled aluminium front panel
• Perfectly matches b-DAC

Key features
• 4 stereo line inputs (2 balanced, 2 single ended)
• 2 stereo line outputs (1 balanced, 1 single ended)
• 1 stereo headphone output (6,3mm jack)
• 2 gold plated speaker outputs accept banana terminals (and drives speakers as low as 2 ohm)
Short circuit protected
• Input selector and volume control controleable by IR remote

• 2 x 150W / 4ohm, 2 x 75W / 8ohm
Output impedance (1kHz) 25m-ohm
Frequency response (20Hz-48kHz -3dB (all loads)
• Distortion <0,05% (P=75W)
• Sensitivity 1Vrms (for full output)

User manual
Not yet available

Read the enthousiastic review in Music Emotion (Dutch)


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Picture show the 0-series with the headphone amp still on protoboard. All is final now and integrated in the current MKl production batch.

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