b-DAC+ mkIIl
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" one of the finest DACs for quite a bargain on your hands "
" b-DAC is a serious competitor for much more expensive DACs "
[HVT May 2011]
" nothing less than state of the art at the test bench, in all disciplines "
[Vi-Fi March 2011]
" b-DAC sounds fluent, full of details and so relaxed; nearly unrealistic "
[Alpha Audio]

• Mklll models are shipping from february 2013 onwards and have a headphone output

Read the excellent test here (German)
" absolute clean and transparent sound with a pure body and great soundstage"
" therefore I praise the little b-DAC+ "

b-DAC+ has the following upgrades compared to b-DAC:
• Better supply decoupling capacitors at most critical places
• Enhanced mechanical damping of chassis and power transformer
• Additional RF absorption
• Improved clock oscillator yields even lower jitter values

Sound result
The sound of b-DAC+ is more smooth and relaxed. One would totally forget that this is digital playback.

User manual
Download the manual (serial nrs #075 and higher)

24 bits USB
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