About Tentlabs

TentLabs is founded and headed by Guido Tent, born in 1967 close to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Guido studied analogue electronics and graduated on the subject of linearity of (directly heated) triodes at a company called deJongSystems. For a few years he worked with that company, where he gained massive experience on design and repair of tube amplifiers, though limited prospects made him decide to change jobs and join Philips Semiconductors. He was involved in the field of EMC and signal-integrity (application, design and innovation of silicon). After gaining 5 years experience he changed over to product development at Philips Optical Storage where he worked on the first digital DVD recorder (Philips DVDR1000). He proceeded developing high speed DVD recording (mainly for PC industry) and designed electronics for the first generation of blu-ray recoders.

In his spare time audio kept him interested. He developed and built tube based products and designed a high-end audio DAC with 3 friends. The DAC development gained deep insight in the field of digital audio, especially jitter. This finally led to a successful low jitter clock module.

As a result of all this work, and the interest of various people, TentLabs was born. Main businesses are:
• Development and supply of High performance audio modules - analog and digital
• Modification and repair of amplifiers - tubes and transistors
• Modification of (SA)CD players and DACs
• Consultancy in the area of RF electronics, signal integrity and EMC
• Design of specific (sub)modules for (OEM) customers, mostly audio

Guido is technical directr for Grimm Audio, a company that aims to bring the best sounding (and measuring !) recording equipment to the market. In addition he lectures analogue audio design at Fontys Eindhoven.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship
Tentlabs invests in people. Wherever possible and feasible, we outsource work within the Netherlands, and at least within Europe. Our complete bookkeeping was outsourced at meer samen, a company that employs physically disabled people that otherwise have no or less chance to become employed. Unfortunately meer samen went bankrupt, but the good news is that their bookkeeper joined our company ! In addition we sponsor the Nederlandse hartstichting and the Italian project of Antonio Tucci, who motivates the children of Lesina on building their own audio eqipment.

The team
Many people contribute to the success of the products and our business. I found it was about time to show the faces behind Tentlabs.