Pasted Graphic Guido Tent - General sales, product marketing & management. Born in 1967, studied analog electronics including EMC and RF as major subjects. After graduating I worked with various companies before joining Philips in 1996. I left in 2005 when Tentlabs became a full time business. One year later I co-founded Grimmaudio. My daughter Paula was born in July 2005 (I taught her to control one of the very first Tentlabs CD players before she was 2 years old). I drive a Citroen C5 tourer with active hydraulic suspension (Yes, it uses feedback !) and love it for its' endless amounts of comfort on long trips. In my spare time I exercise durig fitness, ride my beloved IDworx bike as much as possible, listen to music (female singers have my special attention) and try to relax while having fine diners and conversations with friends and family.

petervv Peter van Vegchel - PCB design (free lance)
I was born in ’62, married, 3 kids. I'm a Hardware Design Engineer at TMC Electronics, currently stationed at the Thermo Fischer Imaging Electronics department. I’ve got a longtime interest in (DIY) stereo equipment, building speakers and modifying/repairing amplifiers and other stuff.
I try to merge my technical knowledge and experience with the desire to create visually pleasing, optimal functioning board layouts.
Other interests are listening to music and collecting vintage stereo equipment, especially highend Pioneer stereo’s from the 70’s, the big silver stuff with numerous redundant knobs and switches. I try to stay in some sort of shape by cycling to work each day and excercise during fitness once a week.

Jos Jos van Eindhoven - Concept design (free lance)
I was born in 1957, and have (almost) always lived in this comfortable region around Eindhoven. I have studied Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University, worked there for several years as researcher and teacher, and moved over to Philips Research in 1998. In my professional career I worked on novel design methods and on-chip architecture of large digital ICs, which boils down to just doing software. Nevertheless I always liked analog electronics and the satisfaction of building real things. So I now face the analog challenge as hobby in DIY audio: it continues to amaze me that we can hear significant quality differences where sensible technical explanations still lack.
In 2007 I left Philips - with two other colleagues- to launch a new company in the digital design technology domain. Having a family, launching a new company, discussing new ideas with Guido, and my own audio hobby, keep me awake during late evenings....

Herbert Herbert Rutgers - Concept design (free lance)
Electrical/Software Engineer, retired from Philips Research Laboratory in 1998. Since 1975 designing solid-state short wave radio equipment for radio ham applications. Invented how to choose the first intermediate frequency in a receiver/transmitter to prevent unwanted mixing products. Developed VCO's with low phase noise, etc. Audio as a hobby since the fifties. Developed many loudspeaker systems, including ESL's and hybrid systems (ESL + MFB). Developed an alternative design method for cross over filters, different diaphragms for ESL and an alternative winding scheme for step up transformers. Developed excellent microphones and low jitter clock oscillators. Performs as a solo singer and makes audio recordings for the 'Kunstkring "De Kempen"' and SKVE.

Richard Richard van de Wijdeven - Bookkeeping (part time)
Hello, I’m Richard van de Wijdeven, born on May 25, 1971. By deprivation of oxygen at birth, I had a brain damage.  As a result, I’m physically handicapped (spastisch). I can’t walk nor use my arms very well. For that reason I use in an electric wheelchair. I have opted for an administrative training for a possible contribution in my brothers company (building constructor). I also work there a few hours a week.  In the past I worked on voluntary basis for various companies. This ranged from administrative jobs to participation in different commissions. Since March 2003, I used to work at the foundation Meer Samen, an organization which works with people with disabilities. I worked on administration. We also did the bookkeeping for Tentlabs. Unfortunately, in 2007 Meer Samen had to end activities. Guido asked me to join and now I am responsible for the complete bookkeeping. I like to swim and explore computers.